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Brazos Valley Pediatric Dentistry

Your First Visit

 Your First Visit

Our first visit is easier than you think. We will begin by reviewing your child’s history and discussing any specific concerns you may want to discuss. Then, we will go over oral hygiene instructions such as toothbrushing techniques, toothpaste use, flossing, and diet considerations.

For our younger patients (under age 4), the first visit will be an “easy” visit. This visit will include a dental examination either in the dental chair or as a knee to knee exam, followed by a toothbrush cleaning, and then we will apply a fluoride treatment to your child’s teeth.

We want this visit to be an introduction to the dental office and want it to be very positive for your child. Based on your child’s reaction to this first visit, we will determine if another “easy” visit is needed or if we can schedule the next continuing care (recall) visit with the hygienist for more of a “typical” dental visit which would include radiographs (if needed), cleaning which involves polishing the teeth, and a fluoride treatment.


What should I bring on my first visit?

On your first visit to our office, please bring your insurance card  and our completed First Visit Questionnaire and Health History form. You can download each of these forms here.

Your insurance determines your deductible and copayment. Any amount not covered by your insurance will be due that day.

Do you accept insurance?

We will be happy to file your insurance for you.  We accept most major dental insurance plans, but you may want to check with us prior to your first visit.

Usually, we will be able to let you know the amount of your co-pay ahead of time.


What can I expect to pay for my child’s visit?

We would be happy to discuss fees and insurance with parents prior to the first visit in our office.  Our receptionist will discuss this with you, and answer any questions you may have prior to making your first appointment.

Please see our office policies for further information about fees and dental insurance.


My child is nervous in the dental office. How can you help?

It is quite normal for children to be anxious about their first visit to the dentist.  Pediatric dentists have special training in helping anxious children feel secure during treatment. Also, pediatric dental offices are designed to make children feel comfortable. Even though kids may not like having their teeth cleaned or examined, there is a good chance they will be able to watch their favorite television show or movie on a nearby monitor. Staff members choose to work in our pediatric dental practice because they enjoy working with children.


My child has special needs. Can you help us?

Specialists in pediatric dentistry have training in the care of children with special needs.   Our appointments and treatment are catered to the specific needs of each child. All the dentists at Brazos Valley Pediatric Dentistry have had extensive experience in dealing with a wide variety of children with special needs through their education and in clinical practice. Our office is designed to be accessible to children with special needs.


Do you run on time, and will you see all my children at once?

Seeing several children in one family at the same time is never a problem for our staff.  We know that our parents have busy schedules, and we do our best to stay on schedule at all times.